Core English for 11+

Core English for 11+All children preparing for the 11+ at Solihull Tuition undertake a core English Syllabus with a Qualified English Teacher who is specialised in delivering English to primary school children. This involves children covering the following important topics and skills:

  • Graded Vocabulary development program to cover the contextual meaning of vocabulary commonly used in the 11+ examination.
  • Improving speed reading skills whilst retaining excellent comprehension skills
  • Understanding spelling rules, the phonic alphabet and common phonemes
  • Understanding a wide range of synonyms, antonyms, homonyms and homophones
  • Understanding the rules of English grammar and syntax.
  • Understanding CLOZE activity techniques in context and with correct spelling. These activities include inserting missing letters in words with correct meaning).
  • Understanding and developing speed comprehension skills and practice to deal with short form multiple choice comprehensions as well as long format answers.
  • Developing analytical English application skills at speed as required by the 11+

Why do we have such a core program?

  • CEM 11+ and Independent School 11+ evaluations require a mastery of English skills, including advanced vocabulary and comprehension skills under extreme time pressure.
  • Grammar schools require excellent English and children who go to grammar schools with higher English skills will be placed in the top sets. These skills are universally required for most formal courses at GCSE, A Level University and everyday professional life.
  • Improving reading and comprehension skills is useful for all other subject areas as children are more able to interpret and understand question material.
  • SATs levels in English will naturally improve and as a rule of thumb a child needs to be at level 5b around 6 months before they would sit their SATS exams to be at the required level for success in the 11+ Grammar examinations.
  • To lay the foundation for English mastery at an early stage and eliminate any weaknesses before starting secondary school.
What people say about us!
     Thank you Chris and staff for helping our son to overcome his problems and achieve well in his STA's. He's going to miss coming.

Mrs. Leonardo
Student Mother
     I have really enjoyed coming to the centre. You helped me to pass my 11+ and I'm looking forward to going to Grammar School.

Thom Nelson
     We are really grateful for the help you have given A. Her Confidence improved by leaps and bounds and we were all thrilled with her A grade in her GCSE maths.

John Martin
Student Father
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