Fees for Tuition

Fees for TuitionOur prices start from £30 per hour and all classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes, incredibly affordable pricing for quality professional tuition.

These prices include all of our proprietary learning materials and are exceptionally good value given the area where we are located and who we look to serve.

The exception are our 11 Plus programmes which are based on all inclusive course prices complete with all books, online resources, mock examinations and our unbelievable phone support Mon-Fri up to 9.00 pm if your child needs help during the week on any 11+ Maths or NVR question. The phone support for our courses is priceless and is an industry first!

If you choose to book on our 11 Plus Programmes we offer a tremendous all in one package, where you will never need be able to buy any further materials for the specialist program of study again. All textbooks, revision guides, materials, mock examinations, periodic 121 tuition, support programs and online resources will be readily available to ensure that you have a straight forward outlay and complete piece of mind that no further hidden expenses will be incurred as is often the case when you have enrolled on a course at a conventional tuition facility.

For My Learning Club members, the Head of 11 Plus Tuition and Centre Director Mohammed Fiaz Rashid offers specialist pricing for courses run at a joint classroom where he teaches Literacy Club children a proven Specialist Maths & NVR Course at 451 Brook Lane, Moseley, Birmingham B13 0BT.

Contact us for a Free Assessment (Maths & English aged 5 - 10) (1 Hour) or a Specialist 11 Plus Assessment Yr4 (1 - 1 1/2 Hours) or Yr5 (2-2 1/2 Hours) costing £30 inclusive of verbal feedback on your child’s potential for passing the 11+. A detailed 15 - 20 page report can be provided at an additional cost. We will provide you with comprehensive options to ensure you can maximise the learning experience of your child.
What people say about us!
     Thank you Chris and staff for helping our son to overcome his problems and achieve well in his STA's. He's going to miss coming.

Mrs. Leonardo
Student Mother
     I have really enjoyed coming to the centre. You helped me to pass my 11+ and I'm looking forward to going to Grammar School.

Thom Nelson
     We are really grateful for the help you have given A. Her Confidence improved by leaps and bounds and we were all thrilled with her A grade in her GCSE maths.

John Martin
Student Father
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