iGCSE and GCSE Sciences

iGCSE and GCSE SciencesOur courses in GCSE/iGCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology are delivered over the course of 18 months but foundational skills can be developed in the summer of Year 8 or Year 9 depending on when the child is sitting the Examinations. Grammar school children often sit Biology at the end of year 10.

By employing the resources of specialist Science teachers we can ensure that we get the best possible grades possible in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at GCSE or IGCSE for your child. Our focus on examination technique is critical to securing the best grade. With appropriate practice there is no reason why anyone cannot secure a top grade in each of the sciences.

In these subjects we are unique in that we aim to try to teach topics at a level just shy of A/S level to engage and get the child to understand conceptually the topics we are looking at. Conceptual understanding is critical and a wealth of resources to read around the subject will be provided. This methodology has worked for us over the years but it is central to getting top grades.

This methodology was used by a student who holds the world record for the maximum number of O Levels or iGCSE equivalent examinations. He managed to get 28 A’s at O Level in 2011. Here is a YouTube video of this young man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCnSR7vUP7g

It’s clear from our ongoing research into effective techniques in achieving maximum grades efficiently, that there are some simple techniques that can achieve maximum results. We aim to continue our ongoing research to ensure that our students and teachers achieve the goal of being the “best version of what they can be”
What we offer
Qualified & Experienced Teachers and Specialist Tutors
We only believe in entrusting the educational development of your child with a Qualified and Experienced Teacher or a Specialist Experienced Tutor and so should you. They are qualified to ensure that your child is nurtured in the best supportive educational environment to ensure they can unleash their full potential and specialist tutors often get superior results.
Structured but Flexible Programs of Learning

Each program of learning offers individualised tuition based on a child's specific needs in a small group of no more than 4 children per qualified teacher. All children understand and are groomed to enjoy the love of learning in an environment that demands that they become the best version of themselves.
Affordable, All-Inclusive Plans of Education.

Once you enrol on a course then you never have to worry about paying for anything else for that learning program. All our programs come with an all-inclusive price with affordable payment options to suit everyone. All our courses are supplied with all materials and resources necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.
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