Results for Life Learning

Results for Life LearningAt Solihull Tuition it is these examinations that we regard to be the most important examinations in life. The results remain with a child for life and form the basis of which A levels a child chooses and which subsequent route they undertake in higher education. It is these examinations a child should not and cannot afford to not perform in. 11+, 12+ and 13+ are examinations that helped towards getting excellent teaching environments in highly competitive schools. However, these results are quite frankly the only results that matter in life as far as career choices go.

These are the key examinations results which remain with a child for life. The importance of not having been “finished off” by excessive tuition which could have “killed the spark” of any child for their love of learning, cannot be stressed enough. At Solihull Tuition, we ensure that the learning style of a child is matched to the type of tutor that you child has and in turn any issues in relation to motivation for learning are dealt with swiftly. So many children have had excessive pressure placed upon them to attend hot house tuition centres where so much pressure was placed upon them to succeed that in the process they may have passed an 11+ examination to get into a top Grammar School but the experience has left scars where simply the mention of the word Tutor or Tuition switches a child off.

At Solihull Tuition the child will undergo a detailed assessment that helps us understand what the aspirations are of the child and their attitude towards learning. This is important to our understanding of the best methodology to deploy in order to obtain optimal results in public examinations. We only focus at the Centre in the core subjects at GCSE.
What we offer
Qualified & Experienced Teachers and Specialist Tutors
We only believe in entrusting the educational development of your child with a Qualified and Experienced Teacher or a Specialist Experienced Tutor and so should you. They are qualified to ensure that your child is nurtured in the best supportive educational environment to ensure they can unleash their full potential and specialist tutors often get superior results.
Structured but Flexible Programs of Learning

Each program of learning offers individualised tuition based on a child's specific needs in a small group of no more than 4 children per qualified teacher. All children understand and are groomed to enjoy the love of learning in an environment that demands that they become the best version of themselves.
Affordable, All-Inclusive Plans of Education.

Once you enrol on a course then you never have to worry about paying for anything else for that learning program. All our programs come with an all-inclusive price with affordable payment options to suit everyone. All our courses are supplied with all materials and resources necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.
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