ResultsResults are defined by the parameters set at the outset of a campaign, goal or objective. At Solihull Tuition we only have one parameter in which we define success and this is the result we wish everyone to judge us by. We define success based on the program followed and the initial objectives discussed and agreed with both the parent and the child.

Individualised Learning 5-16 Program
We define a perfect 100% result where the child has grown in confidence, become an independent learner and understood their individual learning styles and without question, put the best possible effort that could have been expected of them in trying to achieve a pre-defined goal.

If after all this, their love of learning continues to develop and the spark inside of them to explore, grow and educationally improve themselves continues to thrive, you have the ultimate winner. A result that no parent, teacher or pupil could ever argue with – the child will have become the best possible version of what they possibly can be at that point in their lives. This is the result the individualised learning programs aim to achieve with every child.

We can confidently say that in the last 5 years we have had a 100% pass rate with the exception of one solitary incident where we asked a pupil to leave due to ill-discipline. We have never asked for a pupil to leave with the exception of one child. This is a testament to the culture and ethos of the centre and the relaxed productive environment in which our pupils thrive.

At Solihull Tuition we offer a wealth of experience to every child in a manner that is conducive to bring out the best version of that child irrespective of what the parents’ aspirations may be. Sometimes there is an ocean between the parents expectations and where they child is when they come to us for assessment. On our Individualised Learning Programs, we take on all students from all backgrounds with the exception of children with specific learning difficulties that require a structured 121 program of study e.g autism, serious dyslexia, serious dyspraxia, serious dyscalculia or dysgraphia. These children require ongoing specific 121 support and this is something that our partner company Tuition Doctors Limited is able to assist with.

Specialised 11+ Grammar School Program
Some Tutors and Tuition centres claim 100% pass rates for 11+ Grammar or Independent examinations by pre-selecting the cream of the children they assess so they can continue to maintain a boastful 100% record including scholarships. This in turn makes their tuition life pretty straight forward by teaching the brightest children who could probably have passed without any kind of coaching whatsoever.

No wonder they can have astonishing pass marks and scholarship pass marks. Assessments can be charged upto £150 a time and this provides a regular stream of income in the quest to find the brightest candidates to coach. It is this bright pre-filtered child who lends the tutor or tuition centre this pass rate, because the truth of the matter is, this child will probably have passed the 11plus examination anyway with minimal support and maybe just a little guidance.

The success rate for 11 plus passes at the Solihull Tuition Centre has always been above 76%. Now, given we do not pre-filter pupils and only take the cream, or use statistics which are weighed in our favour, this is an astonishing pass rate. At Solihull Tuition we take children from all walks of life and from ALL levels to try to unlock their full potential so a 76% pass rate is incredible.

11+ R&D in recent years has led to the development of our 11+ Specialised Learning Programs based on an evaluation of the most successful tutors and tuition centres in the UK. Due to popular demand and persistent requests from parents we will be engaging in specialist 11 plus classes geared towards the highly selective Grammar School tests and independent school 11+ entrance examinations. Parents will then have a choice if they wish to prepare their child specifically for a 11 plus grammar or independent school place or to pace the child with high SATS levels which will guarantee that the child starts off in the Top Sets at secondary school if they chose to go to their local comprehensive school.

At Solihull Tuition, everyone is a winner and there is no such thing as “failing an 11 plus exam”. This myth and fallacy does not take account of the fact that as long as “your child has done the best that they can”, that is all you as a parent and they as a child can expect. Often, not meeting the mark is a function of not maturing to the levels that are required by such highly competitive examinations.

Peaking and maturing at GCSE and A levels is much more important than the 11 plus and all parents should acknowledge and understand that from day 1 of embarking on specialised 11+ Specialised Learning tuition program.

A 100% record is where parents, tutors and the child have given 100% to ensure that the child becomes an independent learner who is passionate and aims to be the best version of what they can be. If that has been achieved and this is what we are being measured on, then we get 100% proven results every time. This is the reason why our Patron’s ethos and 44 years of successful teaching have proven to be successful. We always judge each child individually and develop them to take ownership of their learning styles and focus on productive learning that is fun, fulfilling and brings out the best possible version of themselves.

The New 11+ Specialised 11+ Grammar Learning Programs being launched in July 2014 are based on a program of specialised study which resulted in over 96% of children passing the 11+ Grammar Programme with an astonishing 92% King Edwards Foundation places and 8% other grammar school places. This program was implemented for over 8 years with astonishing results. The private tutor only offered 121 tuition services and pre-select candidates based on assessments taken from previous children who were successful. They only believed in a 1 year program of tuition before the examination. However, due to increasing pass marks on retirement the tutor conceded it was important to prepare from year 4 to compete effectively these days.

Our R&D has meant that this system along with our experience has resulted in the ultimate 2 year Specialised Learning 11+ Grammar Program. The timing and order in which material is to be covered is key to success as is the most important ability to peak at the right time.

Our course material is structured and has been refined into a methodical 2 year program by our Course Director and approved by our Patron. It was remarkably simple but required a specific peaking strategy.

We intend to get 100% pass rates based on our understanding of the examination format and the style of the current CEM 11+ examination. A tweak from 96% to 100% is what we are hoping to do in our class of 2016 and we will be keeping a close eye on if we can improve upon the astonishing 92% King Edwards Foundation places success rate that was historically achieved. Solihull tuition has obtained full rights to structure the course and implement it with some finer adjustments based on our own experiences in a quest to achieve a 100% pass rate.

Specialised 11+ Independent School Program

In structuring the perfect independent school program for 11+ it became apparent that those that only focus on this style of preparation often do considerably better than those pupils who are preparing for the 11+ Grammar School tests and then brush up their skills in the 3 months after the 11+ Grammar test, in time for the independent school examinations.

It is therefore strongly recommended by our Course Director that children who currently go to an independent school seriously consider to undertake this course only and not to combine this with a 11+ Grammar School campaign which is likely to effect the overall performance on the 11+ independent schools examinations.

The two examinations are entirely different and test a child in many different ways. Essentially, a long form 11+ paper as is common with 11+ independent schools is not as time pressured as the 11+ Grammar school papers but require a much more detailed long form response to questions. There will always be those questions which only the handful of scholarship candidates will be able to answer. It is for this reason that we request a clear strategy from parents about which they wish to select.

If finances are an issue regarding secondary independent schooling then we advise parents to take the 11+ Grammar School course option. Solihull Tuition in the last five years have had many children obtain scholarships at independent schools and consistently had over 88% success rates in this type of examination. Now with a specialised 11+ Independent School course we hope to get a 100% pass rate for top independent schools for those that enrol on the course only for examinations in 2016/2017.

  Solihull Tuition Others
We have always provided Free Assessments and we pledge to continue to do so.
Private tutors and Tuition Centres have been known to charge anything from £30 per child for a group of upto 30 children to £150 for an assessment.
Post Assessment Strategy 5 Years we have maintained this philosophy and it is the cornerstone of our relationship with our pupils and parents. Hand pick brightest students to maintain claims of 100% pass rates. These children would probably have passed anyway with minimal support.
Judgement and Exclusion Policies Anyone and Everyone is welcomed who wants to develop and succeed by being the best version of what they can be. Everyone else is told sometimes 2 years before the 11+ exams they are not going to make it so forget it. Rarely do tutors like this offer an alternative program or direction.
Programs We cater for anyone and everyone unless they have a specific learning difficulty requiring 121 long term solution. Even then we can provide the solution through our partner company Tuition Doctors Limited which provides specific long term 121 tuition solutions.

Our 3 core programs cater for almost anyone and everyone. Following a Free Assessment we look to channel direction in every child through our 3 separate programs: Individualised Learning 5-16
Specialised 11+ Grammar
Specialised 11+ Independent
Set program that has worked for them that will not take account of learning style of the student. More often than not judgements can be made based on parental commitment and financial wellbeing as opposed to the child’s full potential.

All other pupils and parents are left to swim in the 11+ sea or to be banished into the wilderness without being given appropriate direction and assistance. Parents often complain to us about the feeling of being “ripped off” and then told their child will never make it.
Encouragement and incentives We continually encourage and provide incentives to ensure that all children feel rewarded. This coupled with teachers of similar learning styles means confidence grows and children begin to flourish and excel.

They are continually reminded that GCSE’s and A Levels are the life changing examinations and by passing the 11+ they will have a better chance in the best competitive environment for them to achieve the best possible results. So they should try their best and that is all that parents and teachers can ask.

“Be the best version of what you can be” That is all that matters! If we do this then everyone is a winner. This is what Solihull Tuition is all about. Making everyone a positive winner.
When things are not going well the child is placed under a lot of pressure and often told they will fail and to give up. Negative channelled energy is detrimental to the well-being of a child and after the 11 plus experience will often leave the child traumatised and that bright learning spark inside of them will have been extinguished in the process.

As adults we would never expect to work for nothing yet children are forced day in day out by some tutors to do copious amounts of work in the hope that one day they may grow up to become a doctor or a lawyer and live happily ever after.

Children never understand this. They want the next set of Match cards or the next make up set for their doll. Such tuition options lack a sense of reality and honest reward.
PGCE Qualifications We only use Qualified Teachers Usually not qualified teachers.
Aftercare Solihull Tuition offers ongoing educational support upto the age of 16 and then even 18 if required. We understand that tuition and education go hand in hand and often those that curtail investment in education post 11+ and totally forget about pacing their child once a Grammar school has been obtained, do so to the detriment of their child’s educational well-being.

Our Individualised and Specialised programs are popular choices throughout a child’s schooling.
More often than not it simply does not exist as the tutors and tuition centres get ready for the next batch of students looking to pass the 11+ and generate more revenue opportunities from conducting assessments that are expensive and quite unnecessarily demoralising at the best of times.

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What people say about us!
     Thank you Chris and staff for helping our son to overcome his problems and achieve well in his STA's. He's going to miss coming.

Mrs. Leonardo
Student Mother
     I have really enjoyed coming to the centre. You helped me to pass my 11+ and I'm looking forward to going to Grammar School.

Thom Nelson
     We are really grateful for the help you have given A. Her Confidence improved by leaps and bounds and we were all thrilled with her A grade in her GCSE maths.

John Martin
Student Father
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