A/S and A Level Science

A/S and A Level ScienceOur courses in A/S and A Level Physics, Chemistry and Biology are delivered by qualified Physics, Chemistry and Biology Teachers who are have a PGCE qualification in secondary school education or further education so that they are qualified to teach as lecturers for undergraduate courses in Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

There are so many variations in courses in further education so if your child wishes to study Physics, Chemistry or Biology at university, we will try to ensure that they get good sound advice from our qualified science teachers / lecturers so that they not only achieve a top grade in their chosen science subject at A Level but also choose the precise Science based course that they may wish to study at University.

Our philosophy is always to aim for the best grade with an expectation that anything can happen on the day and anyone can slip a grade quite easily. Our extension work takes a student to 1st year university level so that the A Level requirements for examinations appear a step down and they are more comfortable with the standard when they sit the examinations.

This is the strategy that was used by a young man who set the world record for the number of A Levels taken and passed. 23 A levels- 21 at A grade, a solitary B grade and a C grade – all subjects were taken over 2 years. His unique approach to understand conceptually all topics studied, based on looking at 1st year university lecturers and understanding topics deeply beyond A level, meant that when he did come down to look at A level questions in examinations he was able to answer at a level most other A level students could not and so secured 21 grade A’s in A levels. We have found deploying this strategy always helps students to get the best possible grade based on a successful formula and strategy.

Here is a YouTube video of the World Record Holder for the maximum number of A Level’s and it quite inspirational because he only did 9 iGCSE / O’Level's and he genuinely believes that anyone can do it. We have done research to identify what he did that other students would not ordinarily do and this has formed our philosophy to ensure all students conceptually understand concepts beyond the level they will be tested at:


Here is a radio interview with the world record holder for A Level’s and his Cambridge professor.

What we offer
Qualified & Experienced Teachers and Specialist Tutors
We only believe in entrusting the educational development of your child with a Qualified and Experienced Teacher or a Specialist Experienced Tutor and so should you. They are qualified to ensure that your child is nurtured in the best supportive educational environment to ensure they can unleash their full potential and specialist tutors often get superior results.
Structured but Flexible Programs of Learning

Each program of learning offers individualised tuition based on a child's specific needs in a small group of no more than 4 children per qualified teacher. All children understand and are groomed to enjoy the love of learning in an environment that demands that they become the best version of themselves.
Affordable, All-Inclusive Plans of Education.

Once you enrol on a course then you never have to worry about paying for anything else for that learning program. All our programs come with an all-inclusive price with affordable payment options to suit everyone. All our courses are supplied with all materials and resources necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.
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