Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked QuestionsWe provide tuition using qualified teachers who serve a maximum 4 pupils with 20 minutes integrated one to one tuition during each 1 hour and 20 minute session. This tuition is based on individualised teaching programs, specialised teaching programs and also results for life teaching programs for the exam results that really stay with you for life - GCSE/iGCSE and A Levels.

Our English and Maths tuition to children of all ages and abilities is geared to maximising the full potential of any child and to improve their confidence levels and love of learning based most importantly on their individual learning style. These programs are referred to as our top sets programs and aim to get the child into their top sets at school. We also offer specialised 11+ Grammar and Independent school programs. The requirements for each school are completely different and we ask all children and parents which course they wish to undertake because the style and format of the examinations is entirely different.

Where there are financial constraints and the child wishes to prepare for the 11+ Grammar school examination and then do the top up course to ensure that they can prepare for the independent school examinations, that is also possible. The key thing is always to ensure that your child is able to do the best that they can do without burning out and extinguishing the learning spark that rests inside of them. They need that to light up when they do iGCSE/GCSE examinations.

By popular demand we have extended our course range to incorporate iGCSE/GCSE as well as A/S/ A level English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

How does it work?
Your child will be invited to attend a FREE, no-obligation educational assessment which will highlight how your child is coping at school with their work, taking into account, their age and the levels and targets set in the National Curriculum. We will also look to identify their dominant and subdominant learning patterns. If we feel that extra support is needed, we use the assessment as a starting point to create a tailored program designed specifically for your child. This is our individualised learning program.

If you and your child have aspirations to prepare for the 11 + CEM Grammar School examinations or you may be looking at one of the top independent schools in , then it is key to identify the precise levels that your child is currently at and based on historical data that we keep and the most recent last child passing marks in the 11+, to identify if your child at the beginning of year 4 is on target or not for passing the 11+ CEM Grammar test or the independent school tests. Both tests have differing requirements completely. These are our specialised 11+ programs that have industry leading pass rates.

Our iGCSE/GCSE and A/S / A Level courses are aptly called the Results for Life Learning programs because they are the most important examinations that your child will ever sit. Although it is possible to commence upto 8 weeks into the start of the course we strongly and actively discourage this.

Each child follows their own tailored programme of study, based on the outcome of their initial assessment. This is what makes us so special.

Why is it we have been so successful?
Our centre uses a wide range of teaching methods and resources centred on the National Curriculum, which are designed to give students the motivation to succeed. These teaching methods have resulted in our individualised learning program. We use a combination of learning materials, workbooks and exclusive computer programmes appropriate to their level, to enable children to practice new skills and reinforce and consolidate their understanding. The children who attend our centre find it a welcoming and friendly environment where they can focus on their studies away from the distractions of a family home. Our individualised teaching programs have been the hallmark of our success.

How can we help your child?
We recognise that every child is unique and has a preferred learning style. We therefore design a learning program tailored to your child's individual needs and ability. Our individualised programs will introduce new concepts, reinforce content covered in school or challenge a child who is already excelling. The programs are carefully planned week by week to ensure problem areas are addressed. Regular attendance is compulsory and will help your child improve. Commitment to weekly sessions shows your child that you are serious about helping them, and gives them a confidence boost immediately.

Once your child begins to find learning fun and they understand they what types of learner they are, we guarantee they will start to succeed in a way that you simply could not have imagined. You will find they become happier and motivated to learn because they see congruence between themselves and their teachers as well as rewards that they may not have been able to quantify previously.

How is progress measured?
Every child is different. We therefore understand that each pupil will progress at a different pace. After the initial free assessment, we will discuss your concerns, likely outcomes and provide you with honest feedback on the progress we expect your child to make and more importantly by when we expect to make sure it is achieved. We test periodically to ensure that a child is on target to meet their quarterly targets as well as their half yearly and annual targets. Regular reviews between the teacher, parent and child will ensure progress is continually monitored and this is done by way of daytime on phone progress checks as well as by means of parents meetings if there are any serious concerns or matters to discuss.

How long is each lesson and when are they taught?
Each lesson lasts 80 minutes and attendance is once or twice a week depending on your child's needs and if they are on the individualised program of study or on specialised learning courses where a commitment for 2 lessons per week is required in the penultimate and final years before the examination at 11+, iGCSE / GCSE or A Level. For individualised learning programs during their lesson time, the children will complete 5 to 6 activities and will rotate between individual time with their teacher, written work and computer based activities. This ensures that the child remains focussed and can use all their learning styles effectively to learn. This proprietary methodology has meant that in some cases children have continued to develop and remain with the centre for up to five years. This is primarily why we offer on our individualised programs with duration ranging from 6 months to 5 years. For some it makes all the difference and that is exactly what they want.

Homework is given at the end of each lesson, to reinforce concepts covered in the lesson and to promote children's independence. It is essential for all children to understand what type of learner they are and what are their dominant and sub-dominant learning styles, this will empower them to become the best learners that they can be and instil a love of learning that is consistent with who they are.

How much do your programs or lessons cost?
There are no hidden costs when you enrol your child at Solihull Tuition. The cost per session is £25 for the 1 hour and 20 mins of the Individualised Programs and this equates to £18.75 per hour. For the Specialised Programs the cost per session works out to £30 for a 1 hour and 20 mins session or only £22.50 per hour. For our Results for Life Learning Programs the cost per session is £30 per hour inclusive. There are reductions for multiple lessons or lessons attended by siblings for the Individualised Programs because it is possible to only attend once a week. The Specialised Programs all require a minimum attendance of 2 times per week to cover the relevant syllabus material to the required standard. It is possible for parents who have commitments to book back to back sessions and there will be a break of 15 minutes or so between sessions.

The fees for our programs include all writing materials, worksheets, textbooks, homework sheets and use of exclusive computer programs licenses, as well as specialist, professional tuition. We also provide substantially discounted rates for software licensing of some of the programs we use which we as members of the Association of Professional Tuition Centres are able to secure.

How are your Programs Structured?
Our minimum individualised program is for 6 months. If you are not satisfied after the first lesson simply ask for a full refund. We honour a 100% money back guarantee if you chose not to continue with your program.

Our minimum specialised program is for 12 months although we are able to allow bright joiners who perform well in our assessments to be able to join for up to a maximum of 3 months after the commencement date of a program but on an understanding that they will need to catch up and attend tuition for at least 3 months with extra tuition lessons or from significant support from home.

However, if courses are fully booked then your child will be added to a waiting until we can add further classes. You may be offered the option of one of our lessons in the post programs. If any centre is operating at full capacity which is only 15 children maximum at any one time in class with 3 qualified teachers for a particular session, we may have to ask you to register and will probably recommend the use of personalised one to one tuition services through our partner company Tuition Doctors Limited. This company specialises in one to one tuition services only with qualified teachers whose profiles match the learning style of your child. The syllabus will be dictated by us and this will lead to an effective and highly productive preparatory outcome for your child in their specialised examination. If a place becomes available at the center, we will assess the level at which your child is operating and honour their waiting place within the centre.

I am unclear on which course to do?
This is the single most common question that is asked by parents. It is important to speak to us to establish during your Free Assessment if actually your child needs any kind of tuition at all. We have done assessments with bright children who need absolutely no tuition whatsoever and have had to inform their parents that they have nothing to worry about and are suffering from “Parental Paranoia”. A condition we find that professional parents who are high achievers and are compelled by excellence and a fear of failure in their children often have and they end up unnecessarily placing pressure on a child who may already be thriving.

We usually outline before the test where we expect children to be and upon testing and an understanding of your goals, strategize a plan that works for you, your child and most importantly their academic well-being.

There are only a few possible outcomes:
Parental Paranoia - child is doing perfectly well and needs no tuition support at the moment.

Individualised Learning - either the child is demotivated because they are being held back at school and need more challenges to develop their own love of learning and need to be stretched or the opposite, where they are fundamentally day by day, week by week, term by term slowly but surely losing a grip of their academic attainment and love of learning and require a focussed, individualised learning program to bring them into line and attain top sets.

Specialised Learning - this is where the child but more often than not the parents have set their sights on attaining a place at a Grammar School or an Independent School of their choice and require a rigorous, methodical, structured approach to achieve that specific outcome. Parents and children are advised after the assessment if they are on track or not towards their goal and how we can assist based on our vast knowledge of specialised tuition services. It is at this point the recommendation will be provided as to which course to do and at what stage they should be starting their campaign to attain a coveted place at a school of their choice.

Results for life programs are assessed based on current levels and school reports and they often result in the need for specialised one to one tuition services because the child may be so far behind and a place on one of our structured courses run by qualified specialist teachers is required. Our qualified subject teachers know their subject matter very deeply and have an excellent record in examination technique tutoring.

Either way our assessments are FREE and you are under no obligation to take our advice. We would say be aware of any tutor or tuition service that charges a fee for assessment. We have heard of horror stories of private tutors assessing 30 children at a time in a group tuition assessment for only a single place that they may have left in their group tuition class. Everyone else is placed on a reserve list and / or is told they are not on target and should get one to one tuition.

Our assessments have been free for the last five years and they will always remain free.

Book a no obligation assessment right now.

Complete List of Programs Offered Solihull Tuition

Course No. Program Individualised Learning Program 10 weeks Duration Weeks
1 IL10 Individualised Learning Program 10 weeks 10
2 IL20 Individualised Learning Program 20 weeks (1/2 Year) 20
3 IL40 Individualised Learning Program 40 weeks (1 Year) 40
4 IL60 Individualised Learning Program 60 weeks (1 1/2 Years) 60
5 IL80 Individualised Learning Program 80 weeks (2 Years) 80
6 IL120 Individualised Learning Program 120 weeks (3 Years) 120
7 IL160 Individualised Learning Program 160 weeks (4 Years) 160
8 IL200 Individualised Learning Program 200 weeks (5 Years) 200
Course No. Program Grammar School Preparation Courses Duration Weeks
9 SL11+G3 11+ Grammar Year 3 Foundation 40
10 SL11+G4 11+ Grammar Year 4 Intermediate 50
11 SL11+G5E 11+ Grammar Year 5 Advanced E 50
12 SL11+G5M 11+ Grammar Year 5 Advanced M 50
13 SL11+G5EM 11+ Grammar Year 5 Advanced EM 50
14 SL11+G45E 11+ Grammar Year 4 & 5 Advanced E 100
15 SL11+G45M 11+ Grammar Year 4 & 5 Advanced M 100
16 SL11+G45EM 11+ Grammar Year 4 & 5 Advanced EM 100
17 SL11+G345EM 11+ Grammar Year 3, 4 & 5 Advanced EM 140
Course No. Program Independent School Preparation Courses Duration Weeks
18 SL7+IS2A 7+ Independent Specialised Learning Program Year 2 25
19 SL7+IS2B 7+ Independent Specialised Learning Program Year 2 50
20 SL11+IS4 11+ Independent Specialised Learning Program Year 4 50
21 SL11+IS5 11+ Independent Specialised Learning Program Year 5 50
23 SL13+IS7 13+ Independent Specialised Learning Program Year 7 50
24 SL13+IS8 13+ Independent Specialised Learning Program Year 8 25
25 SL13+IS78 13+ Independent Specialised Learning Program Year 7 & 8 75
26 SL13+IS678 13+ Independent Specialised Learning Program Year 6, 7 & 8 100
Course No. Program Results for Life Booster and 1 Year Courses Duration Weeks
27 RFLGCSEBo  Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Booster 15
28 RFLGCSEE Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE English 50
29 RFLGCSEM Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Mathematics 50
30 RFLGCSEP Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Physics 50
31 RFLGCSEC Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Chemistry 50
32 RFLGCSEB Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Biology 50
33 RFLGCSEO Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Other 50
34 RFLALBo Results for Life Learning A/S Level Booster 15
35 RFLALE Results for Life Learning A/S Level English 50
36 RFLALM Results for Life Learning A/S Level Mathematics 50
37 RFLALP Results for Life Learning A/S Level Physics 50
38 RFLALC Results for Life Learning A/S Level Chemistry 50
39 RFLALB Results for Life Learning A/S Level  Biology 50
40 RFLALO Results for Life Learning A/S Level  Other 50
Course No. Program Results for Life Learning 2 Year Courses Duration Weeks
41 RFLGCSEE Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE English 100
42 RFLGCSEM Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Mathematics 100
43 RFLGCSEP Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Physics 100
44 RFLGCSEC Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Chemistry 100
45 RFLGCSEB Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Biology 100
46 RFLGCSEO Results for Life Learning iGCSE/GCSE Other 100
47 RFLALE Results for Life Learning A Level English 100
48 RFLALM Results for Life Learning A Level Mathematics 100
49 RFLALP Results for Life Learning A Level Physics 100
50 RFLALC Results for Life Learning A Level Chemistry 100
51 RFLALB Results for Life Learning A Level  Biology 100
52 RFLALO Results for Life Learning A Level  Other 100
What people say about us!
     Thank you Chris and staff for helping our son to overcome his problems and achieve well in his STA's. He's going to miss coming.

Mrs. Leonardo
Student Mother
     I have really enjoyed coming to the centre. You helped me to pass my 11+ and I'm looking forward to going to Grammar School.

Thom Nelson
     We are really grateful for the help you have given A. Her Confidence improved by leaps and bounds and we were all thrilled with her A grade in her GCSE maths.

John Martin
Student Father
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